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Business Studies & Psychology Tutor | Worcestershire | Warwickshire | Gloucestershire

Qualified teacher with experience of successful teaching in a number of schools.

Degrees in both Business Studies and Psychology.

Several years experience of one on one tutoring.

A great deal of experience in both the applied psychology and business fields outside education.

Covering Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.

References available.

CRB checked.


I offer one on one tuition in both Psychology and Business Studies up to A Level for those students who want to enjoy the subjects more and to enhance their exam results.

Either in your home or mine, we work together as a team to increase your understanding of the subject and what you need to do to improve your exam technique.

Within a friendly, supportive learning environment, I am able to translate difficult concepts into more accessible language, helping to greatly increase your understanding.


"Within each session, we would cover a lot of information. This would be followed by a succession of questions from past papers that clarified whether I knew that particular subject as well as I needed to. This was a really important part of the tuition. With the help of her meticulous planning, every minute of each lesson was well spent. Vicki's direct approach greatly enhanced my confidence and competence in Psychology. There is no doubt that without Vicki's support I would not be going to University now, as I have been in a school under special measures for the whole of my A Levels.
I whole heartedly recommend Vicki to any willing student who is lucky enough to obtain her services."

"My one on one sessions with Vicki were extremely helpful. I covered so much in one hour and went through everything that I wasn't sure of so that I understood it properly. My results improved so much with the one on one help. I went from a D at AS Level to an A at A Level."

"My result from Unit 1 Psychology at AS was an E. Psychology was definitely not one of my strong points. I didn't really understand it which made me begin to despise it, leading to a lack of effort on my part overall. Vicki began tutoring me throughout the Easter holiday towards my Unit 2 exams. It was always about what I wanted to go over, If there was anything from the previous session I was still unsure of. My result for AS overall went up to a B. Again throughout the Easter of my A2 Psychology Unit I had tutoring from Vicki and my result went from a D to a B.

Without an overall B for A Level Psychology I would not have got into Leeds University, my first choice. Thank you Vicki!"


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